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Western Sky is a small kennel that only breed's Shibas. We only have a few litter's of quality pup's for sale each year.
Ed doesn't show his dogs so they are not champions but he purchases mostly champion stock for breeding.

Ed's goal is to produce well bred quality pup's, most of which will do well in the show ring. All pup's come with a one year money back guarantee-there first two vaccination shots,up to date wormings-health certificate (vet check) dog food sample (Canidade)  a stuffed animal with odor's from his or her mates and Mom. They also will have been wormed 3 times. Ed handles all of his pup's from day one
( this is the main reason Ed breed's Shibas, he loves pup's). All pup's are exposed to other dog's, cat's and children.

Shipping anywhere in the US used to be a scary endevor but with the new animal regulations now firmly in place, it is very safe. Condition's must be optimal or the airlines won't permit  pet's to fly. The cost to ship a pup is $375.This includes all of the above and of course a pet taxi . Anyone is more than welcome to come and pick up there pup here. We are located in the beautiful resort town of Mariposa ,at the gateway to Yosemite National Park. Ed takes pride in delivering very healthy, well socialized and happy pup's. All of Ed's dog's get nothing but the best. They are his family. Ed gives instruction's to all new owner's on how to properly train their new pup and will be there for the rest of the pup's life to answer any question's and to give support whenever needed. A $200deposit is required to hold a pup, payable only through money order  or cash.
Please feel free to call Ed anytime phone: 805-440-4948or e-mail:EFToal@gmail.com
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