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Just about anyone that you talk to that know's Shibas will tell you that it's best to keep them on a leash when out of there domain. AKC gives you a print out with information about each breed when you register you're dog with them. They say the same thing.
I agree with them about the fact that most Shibas should be leashed when in public, but I definitely don't think that being leashed is necessity. I can take all of my dog's off leash almost anywhere, with ought having to worry about them taking off. The reason for this is because of the early training that I give to all my pup's. With proper training these little guy's are as loyal  and well behaved as a dog could be. Because they are so very close to the now extinct small wolf from the mountains of northern Japan. Their spirit is pure and they are not only highly instinctual, but also highly intelligent. Because they are so smart (even at an early age) they figure thing's out fast. If you don't teach them you're way (the right way) when they are pup's, they will figure there own way and because they are so cute and lovable you will put up with them being the boss for the next 18 year's . Even an untrained Shiba will alway's come back because of the fact that they are extremely loyal once they bond to you. My main concern with an untrained Shibas that get's loose is what could happen before they make it back to you. I give everyone that buy's a pup from me a lesson on how to properly train there new pup. I am also there for the rest of that pup's life to help and guide it's owner. Training a young Shiba is actually easier than training allot of other breed's because of there intelligence. It just takes a few minutes several times a day for there first few month's to accomplish all that you will need. The sit, stay and come are the most important thing's a dog will ever learn. These lesson's learned will insure a stress free life for you and you're new pup and also could actually save his or her life. House breaking a Shiba's is a breeze.As long as you take them out regularly when they are pup's, there usually is never a problem.These little wolves (as I think of them) do not want to go in there den (you're house). I also give my new owner's tip's on housebreaking that makes it a very easy goal to obtain.
Shibas are the most keen sensed aware agile breed that I've ever seen. They love to run and play. They need to be able to get there exercise daily. Shibas are not a hyper dog but if they don't get there proper exercise they will not be happy. For this reason, I will not sell a pup to anyone that doesn't have a yard. Unless they convince me that they will establish the stay, come command and have a safe area to let the dog run off leash. I want all of my pup's to have a good life and as long as I know that they are going to receive allot of  love and be able to play (there favorite thing to do)  I am a happy man.

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